Seniors take time to declutter? No problem

As summer moves along, you may clean up the garage or a garden shed, and realized you need to remove some items that are no longer required.  Maybe you prepared a spare bedroom for summer visitors and moved items to the garage or another part of the house as  a temporary stop until you decided what to do with them.  Or maybe you purchased a new mattress and the old one requires disposal.  Now what to do?

City of Surrey is once again hosting a Pop-Up Junk Drop.  What is it?  It is a day when Surrey residents can drop off their household items which cannot be picked up as part of their weekly waste collection.  The day for drop off is Sunday, August 11th.  This is a FREE service and available only to Surrey residents.  You must make sure all items are pre-sorted and acceptable for drop off.

Maybe you need assistance going through items in your home for decluttering clothes or household items?  Someone can help pack boxes and bags, lift and move them, and transport to either a thrift shop or a drop off place.  Then there is often some cleaning and reorganizing needed to make the final space function for a new purpose.  Don’t let this type of activity drain your energy and run the risk of hurting yourself.  Our caregivers have performed these activities for many clients under their supervision.  For further details, contact us to arrange this service.   We would love to help give your home a fresh start!

If you have questions about the Pop-Up Junk Drop, contact Waste Collection Hotline at  604-590-7289.

Happy Decluttering to all!

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