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Home Care And Recovery From A Stroke

Meet Jack.

Jack, 78, was experiencing a great retirement with his wife, Lizzie (75) at their home in South Surrey. They enjoyed travel local and abroad, volunteered in their community, and were active in their church. Then things changed.

Jack had a stroke (left side) and spent 4-weeks in hospital. His leg and arm were impacted by the stroke. His mobility was less as he needed a walker to move around and his short term cognitive abilities were impaired. He could recover further as he had a mobile physiotherapist working with him twice a week. He needed help from Lizzie every day to do the necessary exercises to improve and their frustration was grown each time they worked on his exercises.

His health scare changed not only his life, but Lizzie’s life also. She needed to assist Jack often throughout the day and she was getting worn down. He required bathing assistance, dressing assistance, help with exercises, and with the every day little things and she was his short term memory. Lizzie also had concerns leaving Jack alone when she needed to go out for errands, go to the hair dresser, or out with a friend for lunch.

Jack and Lizzie’s situation is typical for a client dealing with stroke recovery at Happiness at Home Health care. Starting with 4 hours per day, 4 times a week, Jack has now improved and regain much of his mobility and strength, and Lizzie is more relaxed. She goes out with friends once a week for lunch or a coffee break. She is enjoying more of her time with Jack these days, rather than only supporting his care. They laugh more as they once did. It feel like they are getting their lives back.

If this story sounds like your situation, call us today for a consultation and let’s start making life easier living with stroke recovery.