Seniors need nutritious meals

Know a senior needing lunch, dinner, or both meals prepared for them at home?  Contact Happiness at Home Health Care!

Recently, we were hired by a new client who wanted meal preparation and clean up.  The client was on a restricted diet and had particular requirements went it came to food preparation.  They had also just returned home from a 10-day stay in hospital and were too weak to stand to cook.  They searched the internet, seniors directories, and other home support agencies.  No one could meet their needs and expectations.  Then they called Happiness at Home Health Care.

This client’s need sparked us to ask ourselves questions about meals for seniors and what was available.  For those with a standard diet and/or of low income, agencies are available to support them.  But what about dietary restrictions?  Not so easy.

Most restaurants will not customize your meals and deliver twice per day on a schedule. (It’s also expensive for many seniors.)  Most seniors food agencies prepare the food offsite and then deliver and a senior may still be required to heat it up or cook it.  Meals may only be available at lunch or dinner but sometimes not both.  Our client needed lunch and dinner prepared and served.

How vital is good nutrition as a senior?  As important or more important than anyone else.  Why?  Many seniors though they eat smaller portions, may also take several medications for heart issues, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, as a diuretic, anxiety, and the list goes on.  Seniors may take upwards of 10 pills per day and a few times per day.  Good nutrition ensures medications are properly absorbed and keep everything flowing smoothly through the major organs of the body.  Good nutrition also leads to increased physical and mental strength, particularly recovery from surgeries.  Having a balanced diet with proper hydration can restore and ensure long-term health.

Need someone to cook for you or a loved one lunch, dinner, or both?  Contact us.  Happiness at Home Health Care will prepare a menu to your taste and dietary restrictions.

Bon appetit!