Seniors invest in artistic activities

Want to learn to paint? Draw? What about photography?  The fall will be upon us soon.  The outdoor activities that come with the sun will fade as the summer season ends and its a great time to try something new.  Have you thought about stretching your artist wings and trying something new?  Studies have shown seniors who pursue various hobbies and learning new skills strengthen and maintain their cognitive capabilities as well as avoid depression.

Many arts and recreation centres offer classes and workshops on painting, drawing, photography, dancing, and a list of other artistic pursuits.  They usually have a cost attached to them but they are affordable.  You can meet new people who share a similar interest as you explore a new opportunity and you will learn new and valuable skills which enhance your artistic capabilities.  (And may make great Christmas gifts!).

If you don’t want to go alone or need transportation to and from the centre, you can always have your care giver arrange to attend with you.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

Visit Surrey Fall Recreation Guide for classes, locations, dates & times, and costs.  Space may be limited, so look into it soon!


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