Recently attended seminar on Advanced Estate Planning

On Tuesday, March 13th, HAHC was in attendance at the Senior Come Share Society hosted seminar on Advanced Estate Planning.  Eryn Jackson of Manthorpe Law Offices was the guest speaker.  Eryn delivered a clear and concise presentation on the merits of an up to date will, legal representation agreement, and enduring power of attorney.  She took many detailed questions from the attendees, addressing concerns on the differences between the various documents, content issues which can arise when not done properly, and various scenarios for mix families.  Her presentation style was relaxed and patient with all questions and answers.  It was very informative to know how the law has changed in the past 10 years.

Often seniors and their loved ones neglect ensuring key legal documents, particularly legal representation agreement and enduring power of attorney, are in place.  As our population is living well beyond 80 years old, having clear instructions on your legal wishes should you need health decisions made on your behalf,  will bring peace of mind.  Whether you are ready to retire (or not quite yet), these documents ensure your voice is heard at any age when it comes to your heath.