Planning for funeral expenses?


Most people struggle with their own mortality, particularly when it comes to reflecting on your own funeral and where you will be laid to rest.  We may have had the experience of dealing with a parent or friend’s last wishes, but it can be a challenge for those who are managing it.  A multitude of decisions must be made quickly and costs can vary greatly depending on one’s choices.

Some people find peace of mind in taking care of their funeral arrangements in advance themselves.  Not only do they control their final wishes, but it is much easier for loved ones when it comes to the grieving process.

If you are thinking about pre-paid funeral arrangements, Dignity Memorial is offering various discounts on cemetery and funeral services (Between 10 – 18%).    For details, contact Irene Chan at 604-536-6522 or for further assistance.

This promotion ends July 31st, 2019.**




** Happiness at Home Healthcare Inc. is not receiving any fees or payments for this promotion.  We are simply sharing for information purposes only.