HAHC announces new Networking Partners Exchange

HAHC is pleased to announce its Networking Partners Exchange.  What is it? We often are asked by clients “Do you know someone who can help me with [fill in the blank]”?  In an effort to recommend reputable companies (and people) who can offer quality services at competitive prices, we decided to build a network of partners who can specifically help our clients. Our clients have asked us for services in the areas of:
  • Internal home repairs (e.g. handyman services)
  • External home maintenance (e.g. gutter cleaning)
  • Yard maintenance
  • Legal services
  • Financial services
  • Heavy duty cleaners
  • Health advocacy
We are seeking networking partners in the areas of:
  • Dog walking
  • Driveway paving
  • Hoarding counselling & services
  • Home window screen services
  • External home repairs (e.g. patio restoration, sidewalk repairs)
If you are interested to become a networking partner (or know someone who is), please contact us at info@happinessathome.ca