Garden clubs provide enjoyment and exercise for Seniors

Seniors getting out in the dirt – whether it be backyard gardening or simply container gardening – provides exercise for the body but also is a peaceful exercise for the mind.  Movement, fresh air and sunshine are good for everyone’s general health.

Garden clubs provide a number of activities for seniors (and younger alike), promoting 2 valuable things.  Firstly, they grow gardening skills associated with growing plants, bushes and trees.  Secondly, they bring people together in a spirit of community who share a common interest.

Garden clubs offer regular meetings to network and create new friendships.  Sometimes, there are speakers on current relevant topics, gardening tips are offered, and question and answer sessions.  As garden clubs are not-for-profit organizations, they rely on the generosity of their members (through membership fees) and hold plant sales frequently.  Books are reviewed and some have a library you can lend from.  Sometimes, related businesses offer door prizes and samples to the membership.  Mostly it’s a “safe, feel-good place” for those with a green thumb.

Interested in learning more about garden clubs?  Check out the South Surrey Garden Club (since 1989).  They are accepting new members and meet Wednesdays at St. Marks Church. Happy Gardening!