Add decades to your life – even after 50!

Many people think if they do just a few things they can improve their longevity.  Whether it’s going for walk a few times a week or saying no to dessert, consistency seems to be key to maintain good overall health long term.  Even seniors (and those around the corner from becoming a senior) can do a little extra today for benefit tomorrow.  A new study shows your behavior has a major impact on your health and life expectancy.

5 key lifestyle areas which promote your well being include:

  1.  Proper dietary intake including fruits, vegetables, and protein.
  2. Restraining alcohol consumption
  3. Maintenance of a healthy body mass between 18.5 and 25.
  4. Regular physical exercise (minimum 30 minutes per day)
  5. Absolutely no smoking

Men who adopted all five habits at 50 lived a solid 12 years longer: a 26-year life expectancy became 38. The boost was even more significant for women. They enjoyed 14 more years in this world when they got resolute with healthy habits past 50: a 29-year life expectancy became 43. Put another way, lifespans of 76 years became 88 for men and 79 years of life became 93 for women.

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